Limited Wednesday Chaos-Get-Togethers while the hackerspace is winding down

As you most likely read in the previous newspost, the hackerspace has to move. We have already started winding down and packing parts of the space. The upcoming Chaos-Get-Togethers on Wednesdays will therefore be somehow ‘reduced’ - not in amount of people attending, but in room available to mingle (the lab is being used for storing moving boxes - packed and unpacked ones).

It might be therefore a little bit more crowded (or cozy, depending on the viewpoint) in the main room for the upcoming dates Wedesday 2019-10-30, 2019-11-06 and 2019-11-13.

The last public Chaos-Get-Together in Röschibachstrasse 26 will be on Wednesday, 2019-11-20. After that, it depends on what location we’ll move to (not defined yet). We’ll of course post news here on where to find us next and hope you’ll stop by! :-)