Talk by Christian Grothoff on GNUnet's GNU Name System (GNS)

On Fri 2017-04-28 Christian Grothoff will give a talk on the censorship resistant and fully decenentralized GNU Name System (GNS), which is part of the GNUnet ecosystem and can help to (incrementally) regain privacy in today's more and more surveilled and censored world.

The talk and discussions will start at 7pm and will take place in CCCZH's hackerspace at Röschibachstr. 26 in 8037 Zürich-Wipkingen.

Christian Grothoff announces the talk with the following text:

In this talk, I will present the design of the GNU Name System (GNS), a fully decentralized and censorship-resistant name system. GNS uses cryptography to provide a privacy-enhancing alternative to DNS and existing public key infrastructures (such as X.509 certificate authorities), while giving users the desirable property of memorable names. The design of GNS incorporates the possibility of integration and coexistence with DNS.

builds on ideas from the Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure (SDSI), addressing a central issue with the decentralized mapping of secure identifiers to memorable names: namely the impossibility of providing a global, secure and memorable mapping without a trusted authority. GNS uses the transitivity in the SDSI design to replace the trusted root with secure delegation of authority, thus making petnames useful to other users, while operating under the strong adversary model represented by authoritarian state actors.

Everyone is welcome to listen to the talk and take part in the discussions.

The event is open-ended.