Mittwoch 28. Februar 2018: MAZI toolkit talk

I will give a short talk next Wednesday at CCC, based on a recent talk at FOSDEM 18.

I will give a short summary of that talk, i.e., the MAZI toolkit, and potential combination with platforms like, and offer a MAZI zone for the CCC space that we can configure all together.

Then I would to discuss ideas for bringing together "digital" with "urban" activists and more specifically hackers with people from the cooperative housing movement, projects inspired by the famous "bolo'bolo" by P.M., in the context of another related project.

Everything shouldn't take more than 20min + 20min discussion. And for those interested on the technical aspects, just afterwards, at 20h00, I will be coordinating an "Openki course" on what I call the "Organic Internet" at the Kunsthalle Zurich.